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Equality and Diversity

The Equality Act 2010

The University is committed to promoting equality, diversity and an inclusive and supportive environment for students, staff and others closely associated with the University in conformity with the provisions of its Charter, and its strategic objectives.

We also have a duty to comply with our legal obligations under the public sector equality duty of the Equality Act 2010 and we are deeply committed to equality of opportunity. Respect, fairness and inclusion are integral to our culture and values and we strive to make it relevant in everything we do – from recruiting and developing talented staff through to delivering a rewarding experience to every one of our students. Our approach to equality goes beyond legal compliance – it is crucial to our core business

Centre for Inclusion & Diversity

The University is home to the Centre for Inclusion & Diversity - established in 2005, the Centre for Inclusion and Diversity (CfID) has emerged as an internationally recognised cross-institutional Centre of Excellence for providing an evidence base for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion interventions in public, private and third sector organizations, and works locally and nationally to harness the theme of ‘Making Diversity Interventions Count’.

Equality Support Networks

Here at the University of Bradford we have a number of networks for staff and students that seek to:

  • Provide a supportive networking environment;
  • Influence the University’s equality and diversity agenda;
  • Contribute to policy and decision making;
  • Act as a consultative body to the University on matters relating to equality and diversity;
  • Identify and combat elements of discrimination in relation to all strands of equality;
  • Contribute to staff development activities;
  • Organise equality and diversity related events;
  • Celebrate success.

Equality Accreditation

The University of Bradford is a member of different equality charter marks and national schemes which aim to encourage an inclusive environment for work and study. Participation in these kite-marks will provide us a tool to increase access to opportunities for marginalised groups. You can find further information of the different schemes below.